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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Aug. 16, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 16 2017 Compiled 1:11 am EDT 16 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse...

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Clarion Call w/ Yosef, Showme Tonight at 9 PM EDT 8-16-17

The Clarion Calls
"Human Angels Healing the Soul of the World"


Show #8
Title: "Togatherness"
Date & Time: Wednesday, August 16th at 8:50 PM Eastern

Attend by Phone:
Guest pin code: 921624#
Primary dial in number: (206) 402-0100
Secondary dial in number: (312) 279-3393

Full list of dial in numbers:

Attend by Internet Link:

Bombard's Body Language: John Kelly Listening to Trump

Based on intel, we know John Kelly is with the restored Republic. This video almost shows as if he's making sure Trump is saying the right words. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Published on Aug 15, 2017

"VND Opened Today" - Wed. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA


DELTA » August 16th, 2017


AnneM » August 16th, 2017

Delta, I appreciate the news about the dong but I went to that currency converter that you put up and I see no change in value. I hope I'm looking in the right place. Ann

DELTA » August 16th, 2017


Whatever » August 16th, 2017

Hey Dear Delta, now why would it reverse?

DELTA » August 16th, 2017


Whatever » August 16th, 2017

So... I wonder if the VND is going to float at some point? I have diversified and that's what I am curious about.. happy as always and thankful for the information..

"Happy!" by LD - 8.16.17

Entry Submitted by LD at 3:30 AM EDT on August 16, 2017


Yo people are we hanging in there? Remember when hobbies were the big thing? Well if you don't have one, you should find one, because that will free you of alot of the "WAITING SYMPTOMS"! If you are having issues waiting this out "CHANGE THE CHANNEL", it works for the "TV" it can work for you. Your brain is the only one that worries about the wait, distract it, most of us are artist at distractions. Think of how many times you have distracted others so they would not find out certain things that you had done. You all know what I am talking about so, if you are skilled enough to do that, then why can't you get your mind off the wait? Understand this, and no I don't have my finger on the button, but I can read the signs and between the lines. This is going to happen, it has to, to many things in place for it not to happen. Now you need to find your "HAPPY" place and go there, just realize what you are about to be able to do. You are about to be able to do "ANYTHING POSITIVE" you want to do. See the world, shop around the same world, swim in places you only dreamed of, meet people you have never met, eat food you never ate, everything you have never been able to do. If that does not put you in your "HAPPY" spot, then you are probably a clone, good luck with that. There is not a one of us that should not be in a happy spot, how do you manifest? You view it, as though it is already done. Hey I look at it this way, if any of you know the guy called "OBI-WAN" on the truth call and clarion call, this guy holds currency, and lives outside near a train track, and he is happy. So whats your excuse? I can't help but be "HAPPY", since the first eclipse this month, I am happy every "DAY", its not a choice I make. I can't explain, I go to bed, I wake up and I am happy all day long, its the whole "GROUND HOG" day, over and over. I can't get upset about anything, it just dont happen, its weird, but at the same time its "AWESOME". Just know this, we all have a "HAPPY PLACE" and thats where we need to be, in that place you only create "POSITIVE", don't allow the "NEGATIVE" and all that will be left is the "POSITIVE". Wow we are going to have so much fun, and for a very, very long "TIME", it's coming, "DONT STOP BELIEVING".

Love you all and always will!........LD ....Enjoy the Song, it should be listen to "DAILY"!

Happy - Pharrell Williams (Original + Lyrics) HD

Dr. Sam Mugzzi and Kent Dunn Discuss Galactic News, the RV and More

RV intel and a lot on the ascension process/being a 5D being.



Published on Aug 16, 2017

Dr. Sam and Kent discuss galactic news, politics, the The Vatican's 3 crowns

Unam Sactam, The 1st Trust of the world.
Triple Crown of Ba'al, aka the Papl Tiara and Triregnum.

The First Crown: In 1455, All Land is claimed as "crown land". Cestui Que Vie Trust, is created when a child is born. It denies our rights to enlightenment and rights of the land.

The Second Crown: In 1537, The "Crown of Aragon",returned to Spain, Crown of Spain in 1605, a trust that was created when a child is born and, by the sale of the birth certificate as a Bond to private servitude, as a Roman person, or slave.

The Third Crown: In 1537, was secretly granted to England in the collection and "reaping" of lost souls. Due to a bankruptcy, the Crown was granted to the Temple Bar, or simply the Bar Association. It has been administration and collection of Baptismal certificates represent the souls collected by the Vatican and Stored in its vaults. This is the 3rd Cestui Que Vie Trust, created when a child is baptized. The parents are granting the Baptismal certificate, title to the soul, to the church or Registrar.

Since we have no legal title over our soul, we will be denied legal standing and will be treated as "things" without a soul. This is how the BAR court systems are legally able to enforce Maritime law.

Kent and Sam are teaming up to cover more topics and get to an indepth look at what is happening in our world. They also have experience with the Galactics and the Consciousness upgrades. This does not preclude them as experts and your research and knowledge is always welcome.

Going from 3D to 5D!

Follow your heart and lead yourself into freedom. The only way the human race will be FREE, is if we stand together as one and reclaim our sovereignty, souls and domain. It's time to bring about some real change and quit falling for scams, red flag events,and illegal laws that were perpetrated on the human race.

Trump Praises Kim Jong-Un for Backing Down on Guam Attack

Does this mean the Cabal's plans were foiled? Does it mean they were defeated or did they just back down? ~ Dinar Chronicles

Trump Praises Kim Jong-Un's 'Very Wise Decision' Not to Attack Guam

14:43 16.08.2017(updated 15:01 16.08.2017)


US President Donald Trump has published a tweet on Wednesday praising North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un's 'very wise decision' not to attack Guam.

The US President addressed North Korea's supreme leader's apparent decision to pull back on his earlier threat to test fire ballistic missiles off the coast of the US Pacific territory of Guam.

On Monday, North Korea's state news agency KCNA reported that Kim Jong-un had been briefed on a missile test next to the US Pacific territory of Guam.

Around that time, US surveillance satellites allegedly detected a movement of the North Korean missile launcher.

The following day, however, the North Korean leader expressed hope the United States undertakes the right decision to diminish tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Tensions between the two countries escalated dramatically since the inauguration of Donald Trump in January, affecting North Korea's relations with its neighboring countries such as China. On August 9, responding to North Korea's pledge to retaliate following a unanimous UN Security Council adoption of US-drafted sanctions, Trump pledged "fire and fury" if Pyongyang continued issuing threats.

Source: Sputnik News

China Reclaims Position as Largest Holder of U.S. Treasuries

China reclaims position as world's largest holder of U.S. treasuries

2017-08-16 13:53:50

WASHINGTON, Aug. 15 (Xinhua) -- China reclaimed its position as the world's largest holder of U.S. Treasury securities in June after nine months, the latest data from the U.S. Treasury Department showed on Tuesday.

China's holdings of U.S. treasuries increased by 44.3 billion U.S. dollars in June, the fifth consecutive monthly rise, with the total holdings up to 1.1465 trillion dollars.

Japan, which overtook China as the largest holder of U.S. treasuries last October, cut its holdings by 20.5 billion dollars to 1.0908 trillion dollars in June.

By the end of June, the overall foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury securities rose to 6.1713 trillion dollars from 6.1236 trillion dollars in the previous month.

The rise of China's holdings of U.S. treasuries comes as pressure from China's capital outflows eased and the Chinese currency renminbi strengthened.

China's foreign exchange reserves rose for a sixth consecutive month in July, reaching 3.081 trillion dollars, according to the People's Bank of China.

Source: Xinhua


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